Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sensory and Fine Motor Play

I had never noticed the Crayola Foam Soaps until it was brought to our house this summer for one of Vada's Occupational therapy session. For that therapy session they squirted a small amount onto a tray and put small hard plastic toys in it. V then played around in the tiny bubbles while trying to grasp the toys.

I decided that today I would open u the packs that I had purchased and that we would do our own version of that same activity.

I stuck her in the tub and in her swimsuit for photo taking purposes. This was a to prevent a big ol' mess and because she needed a bath anyway.

I grabbed three different sizes of small toys, Learning Resources Pet Counters, Melissa and Doug lizards and these ity-bity animal figure that I found at the zoo that we went to in Texas over the summer.

I added the quarters so that you could see the different sizes.

I thought that she may try to grab a number of pieces at once but she didn't.

It did however, take her a few moments to get past the feeling of the foam but once she felt it out she did amazing!

She even followed the instructions of taking them out of the container and putting them in the colander.

She had fun.

We did one round with out her thumb splints and then the second round I put them on, note the facial expression.

Today we worked on Fine motor skills. We did sensory play with different textures and a whole lot of laughing! Plus, I have my self a squeaky clean Vader Tot!

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