Monday, August 13, 2012

Life Lessons

You may be wondering what these next two photos are about, well, Im going to tell you! 

Life Lesson to my Children #1: PUT YOUR FREAKIN' LAUNDRY AWAY!

Two years ago I washed, dried, folded an put away both Jasmine and Kiliegh's laundry. They were 10-3/4 and 7 years old then. Jasmine decided at this time that she didn't want to put her already cleaned and nicely folded clothes, away. No, instead she would rather shove her clothes in all of the wrong spots including straight down the laundry shoot, still folded! After months, yes months, of warnings I finally had enough. I bought Jasmine her very own bottle of detergent, her own laundry basket and I taught her to do her own laundry  Did it work? Well, lets just say this kid will go through every singe piece of clothing she has before she will do her laundry. That was until last week when I assigned, YES(!) assigned them both laundry days. Kiliegh received an assigned day because she too believes that her clean clothes belong back down the laundry shoot and into the dirty clothes. 

My older girls bicker and compete like cray and it drives me nuts. Growing up as an only child, the only thing that I have to compare to a sibling relationship (at least growing up with) is foster siblings and I just don't think that the two are comparable, at least in my personal experiences. Therefore this relationship of theirs is foreign to me but sometimes it seems like they hate each other. So being the loving and concerned mother that I am I decided to make their laundry day on the same day and the rule about laundry day is that they do it together and they cant go anywhere until their laundry is done. So when I peeked in on them after three hours, down through the laundry shoot and saw this, I knew that they must have "conspired against me", therefore, they are loser than I realized.

 Life Lesson #1 for Mom: They are Closer than they Appear.

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