Sunday, March 31, 2013

Resurrection Cookies

My older two girl's have different fathers than Vada as well as each other. Their visitation schedules are different as well but I have worked very hard at getting them to be as consistent with each others as possible so that they are all home together as much as possible. One huge arrangement with our schedules is that we flip flop years for holidays. Last year was our year to have the girls on all of the holidays, now this years we wont have them on any, other than our birthdays.

Since the girls weren't here to celebrate Easter with us on the actual day but came home later in the evening I thought that making Resurrection Cookies would be a nice opportunity to spend the remainder of the holiday together and talking about the true meaning of Easter.

 I found the below recipe on a blog called Mother on a Dime. I was thrilled because she had a printable version all ready for me (for anyone who wants it) as well as all kinds of Bible verses to go along with the story of Jesus' Resurrection. All I had to do was print it all out and get the ingredients together.

As the girls were crushing the almonds we talked about how the nuts represented Jesus; bones and how he was beaten.

My sweet girl, Kiliegh, got all serious when it was her turn and said "but Mama, I don't want to break Jesus' bones".

We talked about the egg representing new life.

The girls tasted all of the ingredients with the exception of the eggs. The salt was bitter and represented the tears that were shed for Jesus. The sugar was Jesus sweet love for us. The vinegar was a reminder of how at His last moment He asked for a drink and was given vinegar.

And then we spent fifteen minutes mixing the ingredients together.

I turned up the power once Jasmine got to hold onto the mixer because it wasn't really "fluffing" up the way I had anticipated. At one point she was holing the mixer just right and she had the mix split into two and said "Look Mom, just like Moses in the Red Sea, when he open it for his people." Ahhh..., I was a proud Mamma at that moment because she was linking more Bible stories to this one.

After the timer went off, fifteen minute after beating the mixture, I looked into the bowl and told the girls that I didnt think that our cookies were going to turn out but they were both pretty optimistic about. So we continued. 

The "mounds" of cookie dough (mounds, hehe) were suppose represent Jesus.

And the oven was the tomb. The tape was suppose to represent how the big stone was placed in front of the opening of the tomb.

The cookies are to stay in the oven over night and we are suppose to check them in the morning of Easter. However, since were actually doing this on Easter evening, we will be checking it on Monday. Wish us luck, im pretty for sure these cookies are not going to be rising!

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