Friday, March 29, 2013


 We went bowling today. It's the first time in I don't know how long! I know I havent gone since I have been pregnant with Vada but I can't think of a time other than that. Anyway, it was Jasmine's idea and Justin and I thought it sounded fun, so away we all went (with the exception of Miss Rae, who was at her dad's).

Vada of course was my partner. We had a six pound ball, the smallest that they came in. I opted to not have bumpers or a ramp and held V throughout the whole three games that we played. However, on the second game, Justin thought he would be funny and ask the people at the desk to give me bumbers on our turn! Our ball only touched it twice! HA!

The concept of sharing shoes with thousands of strangers and sticking my fingers into holes where I don't know whats been in them, does not sound like a good time to me but truly, I really did have fun!

Justin won, all three games and Jasmine, V and I were neck and neck the whole time!

However, Jasmine showed us all some super skills when she got two strikes in a row! I wanted to see a "Turkey" but I guess we'll have to go again and try another time for that!

Bowling... who knew it could actually be fun. I guess when your with the right company, anything can be!

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