Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vada Singing Happy Birthday

Vada turned three years old yesterday. Justin and I woke her up by singing "Happy Birthday" to her. I swore all day that she was trying to sing it with me, so today I had to record her as evidence that I wasn't making it up!
 It's funny to me that yesterday was her birthday and it was also the day she not only tried to sing the birthday song but the "Elmo's Song" as well and both for the first time. Above and beyond the new sounds she signed that she had to go to the bathroom and then walked straight there, on her own, not once but twice! My little babe is growing up!

On a side note, please don't judge, I cant keep a turn, not even to something as simple as the birthday song. 


April Vernon said...

Awesome! Happy birthday, Vada!

Heather said...

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