Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Celebrating Three

We celebrated Vada's third birthday on the second of this Month and then again with our friends and family this last Saturday by having a big party! 

Since GiGi's Playhouse is one of Vada's hangout's and since so many of our friends and family members have not been able to see what GiGi's is all about, we decided to throw the party there. 

The theme of the party was from Eric Carle's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

My husband and Father in-law made this cake for Vada.

My Mother in-law made these frosted sugar cookies. These were my favorite!

All of our food (with the excepting of crackers and extra kinds of cheeses) came from the story book.

We invited all of our friends from church, outside of church and from GiGi's as well as our immediate family. We wanted everyone who was special to Vada to be there!

Everything was decorated and themed to the book! Even the gift bags! I even found suckers that looked like fruit!

 I even hand made and delivered the invitations.

Everything went really well. The children seemed to have a lot of fun. The adults all seemed to enjoy themselves and were grateful for the healthy food verses the junk that is typically served at children's parties (like Vada's birthday party last year) and I personally, was just happy to have everyone together in a place that means so much to our family, celebrating yet another wonderful year of our sweet girls life.


teal915 said...

So cute and very creative. Great job. I love planning my kids' birthday parties.

I Just Love You said...

awesome! i had those suckers at rachel's 3rd birthday party last year. her's was citrus themed. :) happy birthday vada.