Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bath Time Learning

Now that Vada is getting older, I feel very cautious about taking photo's (and sharing them) of her in the bath, so these are not going to be the best and are only to help show in detail the some of the activities that we do while she is taking a bath. I am one that believes learning happens all of the time and in every situation. With Vada I am constantly trying to think of new activities to do with her to make leaning a new skill fun and interesting to her. Often times when learning is fun and a child doesn't realize that they are learning is the most influential moments, in my opinion. 

Vada loves her baths, so I have come to realize that learning activities are a good time during her bath time. Were not get in the tub and clean then get out of the tub kind of family. Nope, you must relax a bit, play and enjoy the warmth of the water and the smells of the soaps -unless we have somewhere to go then you must hurry, hurry, hurry! Otherwise, we all like to take our time. My older girls as well as myself like to read while taking baths, so, often times I will read to Vada as well. Reading, regardless of where you do it, is a good habit to have!

Today we worked on the alphabet song, letters and the sounds that they make as well as the task of following simple directions.

Vada was asked to choose one letter from the bubble bath and then place it under the running water to rinse the bubbles off. Once the bubbles were off, I asked Vada to hand the foam letter to me and than I said the letter out loud followed by the sound that the specific letter made. In this instance I said, "Vada, this is an 'R'. The 'R' say rrrr."

After I said the letter and the sound I would put the letter on the wall of the shower, or Vada would.

With some letters, like the letter 'B', I would tap it under or right on my bottom lip to show her where its sound was coming from and have her imitate me.

Another time during Vada's bath time we played with bubbles. Seems simple enough and it was!

I blew the bubbles and repeated the word 'bubbles' (enunciating the buh sound) as well as 'pop' (enunciating the puh sound). I would have Vada ask for "more please", using her signs but also using her "mmm" sound.

Along with the signs and the sounds we also worked on how to be gental.

Vada learned how to "catch" bubbles without popping them! She would move the bubble from one hand to another and slowly put her pointer into it, again without popping it. After several seconds I would say "Okay, pop!" and she would either shake off the bubble, smack it, or pop it using her pointer. It was pretty cute.

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