Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cyber Learning

Justin hit the jack pot yesterday at the Target in Coralville! He was in the electronic section and found that they had a whole learning section and in that learning section he found this Dano Toys AppCrayon, its a stylus for children but it comes with a free download app for practicing handwriting. If you are at all familiar with Handwriting Without Tears, the app kind of reminds me of their program, only an electronic version. Handwriting Without Tears does have an app for the ipad but the reviews were all pretty bad, so I didn't spend the $4.99 to get it and after getting this stylus, I am so happy that I didn't!

The stylus is triangle shaped to fit little hands easier and more correctly but I still had to help Vada hold it in her hand correctly. Vada is pretty determined to do things on her own but she does let me help her when she is interested in learning new things and she was more than interested in using this "crayon".

Another great thing about the stylus is that it works with all of the apps that we have so far so Vada can use it with a number of her learning games in numerous ways.

The app below Monte-Lingual 1 to 10 is a Montessori game and is very good for children who are beginning to count.

Another Awesome find that Justin found was the i3D Interactive Card Sets by Cypher Kids Club. We found three sets, there may be more but what we now have is Letters, Wild Animal Adventures and Numbers.

The cards were a little weird to get used to for about a minute but once we figured them out and once Vada set her sweet hazel eyes onto them we knew that they were a hit and a new, fun way to teach her about animals, numbers and her alphabet.

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