Thursday, March 14, 2013

Restarting Speech Therapy

Today was Vada's first day of speech therapy at our local area public school, prior to this she was having therapy sessions here at our home. However, once a child turns three, here at least, they "graduate" from this particular program and move to the schooling system.

I'm not going to lie, I was a more than a little nervous walking back into this school. We went in circles with these people, fighting to get Vada her full sixty minutes of therapy time (that she deserves). Which I have not mentioned here on the blog and probably won't bring up again, it's just a long and negative story that I don't feel like wasted more time on. Either way, I was nervous but also excited to be getting Vada started on a new speech routine again. Plus, I have heard a good deal of great things about Vada's new therapist, Annette and I'm looking forward to seeing what her and Vada will accomplish together.

I think that it is kind of funny that they both happened to be dressed the same way today. On a side note, Vada's middle name is Annette so she has that in common with her new teacher as well. 

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