Friday, March 22, 2013

File Folder Games

I have never done file folder games with Vada before but I have been talking to one of my friends from church about them and decided to look and see if I could find some interesting and free file folder games online that I could print and make here at home. 

When I was searching for these fun file folder games, I ran across some new blogs that I really enjoyed searching through as well and some of them have a ton of free printable's! I actually had a hard time getting myself off of the computer last night because I found such useful things throughout these blogs/sites! If your interested in checking them out they are called, 1+1+1=1, Marie & Me Learning and To the Lesson, A Family in the Land, Teacher @ Home and The Home Teacher.

I worked all day putting these file games together and I am really excited to do play them with Vada. I am hoping that she actually enjoys them.

I'll admit, making these have been fun. Not in the laugh out loud sort of way but a calming and rewarding kind of fun. I used to really be into scrapbooking and I got the same pleasure making these as I once did when I finished a scrap page. Only with these, I get to teach V with! It'll be fun to use them with other things as she gets older and when she is talking more, so that I can really see and hear her understanding of what it is that she is doing. I am also planning on doing different activities with these and other file folder games, like themes of the week or activities, field trips, books that we read and even gardening themes! I think that these have potential to be a huge hit but then again they could be a huge flop all the same! Im hoping for the more positive

Can be found at

Can be found at

Can be found at

Can be found at

Can be found on

I got this die matching idea from a blog called Desert Crafter, it's really simple but I like it.

Can be found at Bitsy Creations.

Can be found at Marie and Me Learning.

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Anna Theurer said...

Thanks for sharing! Looks like I will be buying some file folders and using my laminator!