Monday, April 1, 2013

Resurrection Rolls

The Resurrection cookies were a flop! They didn't rise at all, which wasn't really a surprise. What was a surprise to me was that Kiliegh still wanted to try them. I ended up breaking a piece off of one of the "cookies" and gave it to her to try but noticed that the middle still looked wet, so she only got a taste She loved them and actually wanted more! I had to throw them away to keep her from picking at them! I am going to have to try the recipe again so we can all hopefully get a taste of what these cookies are really suppose to taste like.  

I had a back up plan already planned in case the cookies didn't turn out, I had read that they could be touchy and I ended up finding this recipe on the same blog that I found the Resurrection cookie recipe. This recipe was called "Resurrection Rolls" and the recipe was super simple and fail proof!

All you need is a pack of Crescent Rolls, cinnamon, sugar, butter and large marshmallows. If you want the actual recipe and directions you can go to Mother on a Dime and she will give you everything you need to know!

Jasmine and Kiliegh made the rolls. They were going to be our desert for our Easter dinner. (If you read yesterdays post, then you will remember that our Easter celebration together is actually today.) 

Vada supervised while eating the "faulty" marshmallows in the bag.

The girls gave Justin the honors of being the first to taste their desert and the first to look into the "empty tomb". They were proud of their desert and of their accomplishment and I was happy that it turned out for them and that the story of the Empty Tomb could be fully seen through this baking lesson.

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