Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vada's First Haircut

A few days ago I took Vada in to get her very first hair cut! 

I love the bobbed hair cuts on little girls and I was seriously thinking of getting Vada a short "do". In fact, Justin wanted me to, since Vada dislikes me doing her hair so much but I couldn't bare cutting off all of her beautiful hair. So for her first cut it was really only a trim.

I took her to the lady who has been cutting my hair now for several years, Amanda. She has done my hair for all of the major event in my life as well. I wont let anyone else touch my hair, seriously. She also does my older two girls. So I knew that I could trust her to be nothing but great with Vada and she was.

Vada was a bit nervous about what Amanda was doing but over all she really warmed up to her in the end.

Vada's hair is soft at the ends and much more manageable! Oh, how I love her long locks!

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Anna Theurer said...

Looking good, Miss Vada. Ellie has a bob because she is very sensitve about combing and styling. Plus, when it is long, she chews on it :-( Vada looks great with long hair and I understand why you couldn't part with it!