Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our Listening Walk

The weather has been warming up around our parts and we have been going on walks almost every day over this last week! It has been SO nice!

One of the books that I have recently started to read to Vada is The Listening Walk. Its a kind of cute book about a girl who goes on a seemly long walk with her father and never says a word but only listens to the sounds of her surroundings. I love going on walks with my girls (and with my hubby, but he has been working over time!) and I take our walking time to catch up on the time that I missed out on while they were at school. However, I also liked the idea of listening and taking in all that's surrounds you. So, I decided to take my girls on a mini listening walk. 

The first thing we had to do was load up on everyone's afternoon snacks. My girls come home from school and think that if they don't have a snack they may wither away. Vada sees them snacking and naturally, she wants some as well! So it was pretzels all around and we were off!

Neither Kiliegh or Jasmine had any clue of what a listening walk was, so Vada and I had to inform the older girls before we left. 

Their lips were sealed!

Our listening walk was short. Like I mentioned, it was a mini one. With a three year old, you cant expect too much! Jasmine and Kiliegh mentioned some interesting sounds however, so it was neat that they really did participate. They can be really good sports, when they want to be!

We ran into one of our neighbors who was out walking their dog. Vada loves dogs! She was thrilled to be able to say hi to a dog that was just her size!

When I told Kiliegh our listen walk was over and we could now talk she said "I'm free! I can fly! I can fly!" I love that there is still an imagination left in this girl! Too many children her age have lost theirs!

 And that was our Listening Walk.

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