Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Someone is Getting Glasses

Within the next week or two Miss V will be sporting a new pair of specks! She went to her eye doctors today for her six month check up and left with a prescription for glasses and for a procedure to have done on her tear ducts (that being our choice and something that we are still discussing).

The picture below is just one of us trying glasses on Vada. These are not of her actual lenses or the color. I like the color of these but I don't care for this style on her. I can't seem to tell if they are ever on right because to me they always look upside down!

Below is a picture of Vada's frames. This cutie is sporting the "Yellow Pearl", probably my favorite color out of all of the choices but one of Vada's friends has glasses in a yellow color so we are looking at something different. We actually were able to order three different colors in to see which ones we liked best. 

Stay tuned to see which color Vada will be fashionably wearing!

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Amy Price said...

Have you looked into Specs4Us? They are made specifically for our kids with Ds. My daughter is 3. She started wearing them at 15 months. :)