Sunday, April 28, 2013

No More Milk Caps

 When I first began doing Letter of the Week I started collecting milk and soda caps. I know that it sounds ridiculous but I had seen on many educational blogs and websites that they were using the caps for many learning purposes. I thought that I could as well. With the help of family and friends I collected so many caps it was ridiculous! I used the milk caps on a couple of learning occasions, here and here but I had only alphabetized the caps with the letters that I needed to use, the rest sat in a bag shoved in the craft closet. As I was beginning to add more and more letters to the caps I was also beginning to realize how much space they were really taking up and how little space I actually had! That's when I found these Counters from Eureka at $10.99 for two hundred, I couldn't pass them up! The milk caps are a fabulous idea, especially because they are free but when you have very little room, eleven dollars is very little to spare! So, I have moved onto a new concept and I have got to say, I like this so much better than the milk caps! Thank you to everyone who helped me save them but I am honestly thinking of pitching them all! I am so sorry, I just don't have enough room to store them! I have to consolidate. 

Next week is a new letter for Letter of the Week and a new book for the Book of the Week! Can you guess, by the letters below, what Vada will be studying next week? (Here's a hint, the letters below are not the letters 'd'.)

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DandG said...

How will you differentiate between the 'd' and the 'p'?