Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alphabet 'B' Soup to Cure a Cold

Yesterday morning I had my weekly woman's Bible study. It's a time for me to be with other christian women and learn more about Christ and it is also a good time for Vada to play with other children her age while I am in the group. Before going to this group I had called her doctors office, I was concerned that she may had had an ear infection due to the fact that she was poking at her ear, something that was abnormal for her to do. I figured since she was acting fine other wise, we would still go to church however. On a side note, I had also noticed that since Vada's oral surgery she had become very clingy to me. In every situation where I would walk away from her or begin to leave she would become very upset, even if I were leaving her with some of her favorite people, like her sisters. I took this behavior as having something to do with anxiety possibly left over from the surgery, teething, or a stage that she was in. Now, I see that it is possible that it has everything to do with her being sick and I feel terrible for NOT knowing my daughter as I should!

Since we didn't have school yesterday, I did decide to try and get some lessons in today but I wanted to really feel Vada out. Before we came down, she was acting like she was in a great mood but once we came down she didn't seem like she wanted to do any of it. Sometimes, she does need a little persuasion and the right activities to motivate her learning interests so I was grateful that I had planned our week ahead of time by setting all of our 'B' and 'butterfly' themed toys out before hand. I just grabbed things and went with the flow of Vada.

Our first activity was Learning Resources Snap and Learn Shape Butterflies. Its a fun alternative to a typical flat puzzle!

Next we worked on our letter of the week from the Alphabet Soup Sorter set, also from Learning Resources. I'll admit, I went out and splurged this week on this item! Vada loves her Counting Cans and I felt that I needed to add more activities to the Letter of the Week curriculum that interested Vada and that seemed more like play and less like work to her and to balance things out. That's the justification I used when explaining this purchase to my husband. I think they are fantastic!

Vada doesnt like sticker crafts. So, I have been trying to add one sticker craft once a week. I want her to get used to them. I think its a texture think because they stick to her and that kind of freaks her out. This butterfly sticker activity wasnt as bad as last weeks, so progress is being made! She and I put it on her wall.

After we put the stickers on, she colored on she paper and I wrote the letter of the week as well as numbered the butterflies. Then when we were finished the picture got hung on the "I Did That!" wall.

I did get some of the days two Letter of the Week curriculum by Confessions of a Homeschooler, into today's activities!

We did the clothespin counting on the butterflies. I put the clothespin on and had Vada remove them while I counted out loud. She then placed then in the cup and I again counted them for her.

After we did the clothespin counting I handed Vada the empty butterfly cards in order from one to ten and counted them as I handed them to her. She placed each card onto the desk top. We did this three times and then she got board but it was a good repetitive counting activity.

Then we did the six piece butterfly puzzle activity. We also did this three times. 

Vada really liked to help me mix up the piece. I would ask her each time if she thought the picture would be the same as before and she would chuckle a little. I really want to know what she thought! 

At one point I took a coffee break and used this time to get her Counting Cans that I mentioned above. They have nothing to do with the letter 'B' or even butterflies but I told Vada that after we finished the butterfly activities we could do her counting cans. She did her part and so I kept my word! Like I said, she really enjoys this counting game and I honestly mean it when I say it was one of the best purchases that we have made!

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