Friday, June 1, 2012

Ridin' the Bull

On our walk through the stockyards I spotted a mechanical bull riding "booth" and I quietly mentioned to Justin that I was interested in trying it out but due to timing we continued to walk ahead to our destination- the Rodeo. 

After the show and on our way back to the van I tried to convince Jasmine to ride the bull as I was internally kind of embarrassed about the thought of getting on it myself. Jasmine was on the fence herself and said that she would only get on herself if I were to go first. At that point I was still unsure about all of the people around watching me, a thirty year old riding on a "toy" bull so we continued to exit the stockyards. About half way from the bull ride and the same distance from our van Justin stopped to give a little pep talk to Jasmine, she had been talking non stop since we walked away from the bull about how she would like to do it but that she too was a little embarrassed. What Justin said to Jasmine made me realize that I needed to stop being so self conscience and just have fun. It also made me realize that the way I feel about myself some how  it also affects the way my girls look at themselves (which is a whole other topic). So I stopped Justin half way through what he was saying and said that I wanted to ride the bull and we all turned around  so I could play...

The ride was an embarrassingly fun experience, I had a hard time containing my laughter and I am glad that I decided to go for it and just as Jasmine promised she got on the bull for her ride as soon as I finished mine!

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