Monday, June 25, 2012

Page Fifty-Seven

Finally, after months of waiting Woodbine Houses newest book has been published and because VADA IS IN THE BOOK, we just received our free copy!!! Woot! Woot!

 Months ago I saw on Facebook that Woodbine was requesting pictures of young children who have Down syndrome to put into their revised edition of Early Communication Skills for Children with Down Syndrome. It turns out that Vada's photo submission was at the cut off due to their overwhelming responses from all of the other parents that had heard of this well before I had! So, I was pleasantly surprised when someone from Woodbine contacted me with release forms that needed to be signed and resubmitted. I filled out everything and then I was told that they may use one or more of the photo's and if they did use any of Vada's photo's then we would receive a copy of the book shortly after its release. 

 It was all extremely exciting but also overwhelming because I don't care to wait! Surprises aren't really my "thing" and I really, really wanted to tell everyone about this amazing opportunity but couldn't because I would look like a crazy fool if I had said she was going to be in a book and then wasn't. But she is! So now as I sit typing this all out my face is actually hurting from the ear to ear grin that I am wearing! Oh what an amazing blessing! That's my girl, Sweet Vada on page fifty-seven! 

Original photo from January 2012
Thank you Woodbine House for using a photo of our daughter in your book! You have given our family a gift to be passed down from generations! Yes, we are that proud of this publication!


Leah said...

So exciting. She's turning into an honest to goodness little model these days!

teal915 said...

That's great. Congratulations!

my family said...

yea page 57!! so pretty congratulations v!

teal915 said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog : ) you're exactly right about not focusing on the numbers and just focusing on what she is doing and her improvements. Kamdyn turned 2 on April 27th. The coloring apps are Hello Crayon or Hello Colored Pencil. They were both free too.