Tuesday, June 26, 2012

L.M.N.O.P. at GiGi's

What's L.M.N.O.P (besides letters in the alphabet)? 

Language, Music 'n Our Peep's.

 Every Tuesday for the last couple of weeks, the girls and I have headed down to our local GiGi's Playhouse to participate in a new group called L.M.N.O.P, it's being held by Heather (above and in blue) and her handsome little man in training Christian (also above).

We sing and dance. We've learn about animals and numbers and we have even learned quite a few new ASL sign's! 

We do signing games like London Bridges...

... and Ring Around the Rosey.

This group is also beneficial for both of my older two girls. They get the opportunity to be with other children who happen to have Down syndrome as well as their siblings. 

The group involves everyone that comes, which means that everyone has to break out of their shells and participate (Not that anyone is actually being forced to participate, but why wouldn't you?) and for Kiliegh being social is a harder task than it is for Jasmine, but at GiGi's, Kiliegh becomes quite the little butterfly, after she warm up!

 Were all friends here at GiGi's and let me tell you, it is the place to be, especially on Tuesdays and during L.M.N.O.P.!

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