Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I think Vada met her future Mr. Right!

Levi drove with his Mama, April, all of the way from Kentucky so that he could meet Miss V (and also so that his Mom could get some work out of the way locally).

I think that Levi was doing his "dreamy" eyes... trying to melt Vada's heart. It may have happened too 'cuz he is super cute!

In all seriousness Vada seemed to have a really good time with Levi and I think that Levi did as well. Vada ending up taking him to her favorite hangout, GiGi's Playhouse. They were able to have the run of the place and I was able to introduce April to a few of my favorite mom's from GiGi's.

I think that there is a match in the making!

After we were finished hanging out at GiGi's we kind of stood around outside while the kids showed us their mad scooting and crawling skills and while the adults figured out where we were going for dinner. 

Levi was feeling very loving and kept trying to kiss on Vada, but she wasn't having it. After all she is a young lady (in training).

But then again, can you blame him for trying? I mean come on, she's a cutie! Just goes to show that he has great taste!

Levi know what's up too, he made sure to buddy up with Justin, my husband = Vada's dad.

This was our first time meeting Levi and we thank his Mama for bringing him with her so that we could play together! 

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April Vernon said...

We had a great time! Maybe Levi will get Vada to kiss on the SECOND date! Ha ha ha!