Thursday, June 21, 2012

IDSC's Awareness Campaign

Do you have a child or a family member who has that magical extra chromosome (also known as Down syndrome)? Maybe you know someone who knows someone? Either way if you haven't already heard about this new campaign, your gonna want to!

IDSC for Life wants the world to see just how fantastic our loved one's are! It's IDSC's goal to post a new and beautiful face each day, wont you help us with that goal? 

There has been an overwhelming amount of photos that IDSC has already received and I happen to know that the group is thrilled however, they are lacking in teen/young adult and adult department for photos. Can you help? 

If you haven't already sent in your photo's, regardless of the persons age, send them in! Here's IDSC's email address,, send your photo's to that address and keep up to date on all of their photo posts here

Are you on Facebook? Have you "liked" IDSC's facebook page? If you haven't now is your time to do that as well. Log into facebook and check them out!

Now scroll down and see all of the beautiful faces that IDSC has already shared and keep your eyes opened over the next couple of weeks for little Miss V. I can't wait to share her photo or her message!
Left: Karina & Right: Nina



Baby Mason and his big brother Major





Indeed, all life is precious!

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