Monday, June 11, 2012

Up Close and Personal

The best of the best out of all of the zoo's that I have EVER been too!!! Fossil Rim Wild Life Center was a nine to nine and a half mile drive through zoo where you can take as little or as long as you would like exploring their territory of wild but semi-tamed animals... where you can hand feed giraffes... where you can see an adorable baby Rhino and its Mamma... where the animals walk right up to your vehicle and stick their heads in your face... and where the scenery can take your breath away!

We were told to refrain from touching the animals (besides the giraffes) and so we did, however the car behind us continued to make me nervous as I saw their hands touching every animal that came to beg for food pellets. Jasmines hand almost involuntarily shot out towards every animal that came within arms reach of her but she always pulled it back, where it belonged in time to not have it bit off by the animals or a mad ME!

This was a dream come true for our Kiliegh girl. She is a huge fan of Giraffe's and as she watched the car ahead of us and behind us feeding the giraffes she could hardly contain herself!

Everyone had their opportunity to feed, touch and love on the giraffes and they were amazing. It was an experience worth the tongue slobber and one that made a dream come true for a girl with a special place in her heart for the lengthy animals.

HOLY HORN!!! Watch out for this fella!

I think that we spent around five hours here, including our picnic lunch and a trip to both of their gift shops but it went quickly! We could have spent even more time but we had one more destination left for the day... Dinosaur Valley State Park...

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