Friday, June 15, 2012

Meet Annie

When I was in third grade I had high hopes of getting the newest Mattel baby doll that had recently came out, The "Magic" Nursery Doll. I went to the store with what little money I had saved from my allowance and put the doll on Layaway. For over a month I continued to make payments until the doll was finally mine. It was the biggest purchase I had ever made in my short nine or ten years of life and I was so excited to finally be bringing him or her home with me. 

For those of you who don't remember this doll was unique and n my biased opinion, far better than any other ever made. They all looked slightly different in the face, mainly because of the hair but they were all dressed alike when in the box. You had a chance of getting a boy, a girl or even better.., Twins! I thought mine was a boy and i'm pretty for sure that it was but my mind is stuck on the ultimate part of this story and I a having a hard time remembering some of the smaller details clearly. Anyway, to find out what your baby was you had to open the box and check in the diaper. HA! Just kidding! You had to stick the diaper in a bowl of water and the paper would dissolve. Mine turned out to be twins, which meant that I got another doll, for free! Now for a young child this was serious business! 

Paperwork had to be filled out and It felt like months and months before my package arrived from Mattel. However, when my package finally did arrive, the wait was well worth it because in the box was not one brand new doll but two. brand. new. dolls! I had thought that twins meant that I would get one extra doll to be the twin to the one I had already had but boy was I was wrong! Now I had three beautiful baby dolls and I was the happiest kid on the bock. Clearly the memory of this time in my life even brings a smile to my face. It was a really great experience! Anyway, Your probably wondering where in the heck am I going with all of this... Well, not only were these dolls my favorite's (next to my Cabbage Patch and Rainbow Brite dolls) they have been the only thing that I can think of that I have actually ever won on. I may be wrong here because things slip through my mind so easily these days, so please don't quote me on this but I am pretty for sure that I am right on this one..?

Again, where am I going with all of this? Well, about a month ago I was looking through the latest posts from  bogs that I follow and I saw that Down Syndrome New Mama was having a giveaway for a new book called Meet Annie, a book about a little girl named Annie who happens to have Down syndrome. Lately I haven't been doing the greatest at keeping up to date on everyone and their bogs and I have been doing even worse on leaving comments when I do stop by but when I saw this give away I had to leave a message because books like this one are hard to come by and having a chance to win it is even harder to pass up.

 I left my message... Twilson9608April 10, 2012 3:03 PM  "I would LOVE to have this book for our family. My youngest daughter Vada has Down syndrome and we always get excited to find good books for children about Down syndrome." and through the business of being a mom and wife, I kind of forgot about the giveaway.
On May 10th, one month after leaving my message I received an email stating that I had in fact won the book and a couple of weeks later it arrived in the mail!

Meet Annie is a easy to read book that simply brings up the fact that Annie has Down syndrome and then moves on and continues to touch base on all of the other things about Annie that are just like other children who happen to not be blessed with an extra chromosome. The author doesn't make a big deal about Annie having Down syndrome and doesn't talk about what Down syndrome means or how it may affect a person who is diagnosed with it what she does is teach that Annie is just like you and me. This book is great to have and I feel honored to have been the winner of it. I think that it should be read to all children, especially in the classroom or to the parents who think that children who need extra help shouldn't be in typical classrooms.(!) I would like to buy it in bulk and gift some copies to our doctors office, the library and even our church (although our church family is already excepting.)

I have high hopes that Vada will one day be able to be mainstreamed in her schooling and I plan on giving this book as a gift to her teachers or maybe Vada and I could read it out loud to her class. Hopefully by the time Vada is in grade school everyone will be more educated on Down syndrome and more accepting of individuals who have it. Regardless of the situation this book will be following us through our journey!

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my family said...

love that story and congrats on winning, i never win either and last year i won three different thing from blog giveaways that I was able to use for incintives for others to donate to benji and bogdan's adoption fund