Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No More Giving Up

I saw this photo on Facebook yesterday and it really hit home for me. 

I am notorious for starting exercise routines and not following through on them. Finding excuses for why I can't work out comes very natural for me. That's why five weeks into the Insanity program I was uber ecstatic with my success. I had only missed two days in the Insanity routine but each time I made up for my lost day with a double workout on the following. Me, sweating to Shaun T's Insanity became a normal activity for my family to see. Everyone was cheering me on, motivating me and especially encouraging me to push through and to not. give. up. I was feeling better than ever and my body was already transforming. 

And then I slipped. 

I had met part of my goal, which was to fit into my gown for the GiGi's Playhouse Gala (without any under garments to help into that dress, I have to add) and then the excuses began. 

The excuses lasted three to four weeks and then it hit me. This is not where I want to be. I'm tired of thinking "I wish I had ab's like hers", or complaining of this stomach roll or the jiggle in my ass. People look at me and very often roll their eye or scoff at the idea that I am exercising or that I even want to. I cant count the times that I have heard that I am skinny so why work out. Well, I am a smaller person but I want to be slim, healthy and in shape. When a person exercises or watches what they eat doesn't always mean that they are on a "diet" to loose weight, although what you eat is considered a diet. I exercise to be healthy and to give my daughters an example of what being healthy is really all about. You have to get off of your butt and do something, be active and most of all (for me) I have to stop making excuses and take responsibility for my body and for my health.

Luckily, I have the support of my family and I even have my own personal trainer (well, actually, I have a few of those)

Pssst... check out Miss. V. she's standing on her own!! At first glance it looks as if she is using me to support herself but she's not!!

Whats my goal (besides being healthy, in shape and setting good examples)? Look below...

I do want a stomach like hers. 

I want all of this stretched out skin and flab (from having three children and from being on a period of prolonged bed rest) turned into lean muscle. 

I want to look into a mirror and say "I have the body that I want" and "I did it!

 I am now into my second week of Insanity. I will finish it this time. I will have before and after photos and I will reach my goal!

No. More. Giving. Up.


With all of the above I wanted to add some information on Beachbody. It is the company known for its amazing workout videos such as the one that I am currently doing, Insanity, as well as their tasty meal replacement shakes, Shakeology and their great one on one support given from their independent coaches. I have had the honor of personally meeting my coach before she even became interested in Beachbody. Annie Reid from The House That Jade Built and her mother Janie at Janie Fox Talks and I plus our youngest children met months and months ago and we have both supported each other through our girls going through open heart surgery. Now I have the privileged of knowing my personal coach and knowing that she is going to be honest, push me when I need to pushed and keep me accountable for my health and fitness. Annie Reid is an Independent Diamond Beachbody Coach. If you are interested in starting one of the many amazing workouts that Beachbody has to offer, contact Annie, she has done quite a few of the programs already and is checking off her list as she continues to move through their different videos! If you don't believe me, check out her success story below!


Sara Stout said...

You go girl!!! I'd love to hear what you think about the Insanity program...I've been thinking about buying either that or PX90, but I don't want to spend that kind of cash until I know it is going to be worth it! A few years ago I lost 70 pounds, but haven't been able to get rid of the last 20 and I think this is the kind of program that could FINALLY get me to my goal. So I'd love to hear what you see as the pros and cons of Insanity. And I was wondering if I could hire that adorable personal trainer :-)!

Sara Stout

April Vernon said...

I am starting on a new health routine, too. This was perfect for me to read today. You look great, by the way! I have 20 pounds to lose! Aggghhh!! I will be in your area this weekend! I am working in Clinton on Saturday!

CM said...

Woohooo, go Tara! I totally get what you're saying - I started P90X in one of Annie's groups in early January, but because of super busy schedule, just didn't keep up with it. I'm starting a new group on Monday and doing Turbo Fire...and I'm excited to REALLY do it and stop giving up. Thanks for the big encouragement today and way to go with Insanity!

Leah said...

Good for you! I wish I could be motivated to exercise these days. I wish I could commit to eating right so I could lose the last 5-10 baby pounds. I think you look beautiful, but I totally understand that you want to be lean, healthy and fit, not just thin. Those are really important goals and your girls are great motivation. So what you're doing is a home program? That's really the only thing I could manage these days...