Monday, April 2, 2012

A Delightful Start

Our family has a favorite donuts shop that we go to and it has nothing.g to do with the fact that our awesome neighbors are the owners of it. Today, when Justin got home after working a night shift he asked if I wanted to go to breakfast. I recently had a tooth pulled so I haven't been eating and was a little bummed about going and not being able to eat but everyone was home and things like this happen very rarely. Justin let the girls pick and of course they choose Donut Delight. I have to admit, even without actually being able to eat the donuts, it sure was a sweet way to start the day!


Lacey said...

Mmm, nothing like a donut in the morning! My Tanner would eat them all day long!

My Little Wonders said...

Bummer on the pulled tooth; I hope that heals quickly. And YUM on the donut breakfast! The occasional donut is definitely something I miss being gluten/dairy free.