Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Beginning of the End

Tomorrow is the day. 

Day one.

The beginning of the end.

What am I talking about? Beachbodys Ultimate Reset

I am taking the plunge and diving into my new me, starting tomorrow

You may be wondering what the Ultimate Reset is. The Ultimate Reset is a gentle, no starvation, total body cleanse. I have been guaranteed that in three weeks the Ultimate Reset will restore my body to its optimal "factory settings". I should look, feel and be healthier than I am now.  

I decided to do the Ultimate Reset because I have been working out a lot and I want to feel good inside as well as on the outside. I have terrible skin. My face is like a teenager going through "the change", which is really embarrassing, considering i'm in my thirties! I have Hypothyroidism, which wont change but I am hoping to find a source of new energy through resetting my inner workings. I have a couple of horrible habits. I like sweets and I'm not talking a chocolate here and there, i'm talking fruity candies of almost any kind and in large amounts. In fact, I cant remember a day that I didn't eat some sort of candy, which probably says a lot for my skin problems! Another unhealthy "vice" of mine is soda.Actually, soda pop is about the only thing that I do drink. I know, I know, I am terrible. Anyway, I drink mostly diet soda but I really prefer the "diesel" and I like the browns (aka Coke, Pepsi, Dr.Pepper), which usually means caffeine! I also like me some coffee in the mornings and since plain coffee tastes like crap I have mine with a ton of sugar in it! Most people who see me prepare a cup of coffee for myself often comment about me adding some coffee to my sugar. Yep, I am that bad. I am also a carb addict, i'm working through that one but pretzels and goldfish crackers are hard ones for me to resist.

With this reset I am hoping to break free from my unhealthy eating habits and find new healthier life, meal and snack choices. 

Currently, I do eat some meat. I will eat chicken on occasion if it is raised without animal byproducts, antibiotics or hormones. However, I can't remember the last time I actually did eat chicken. I have also ate ground turkey or turkey burgers. On Easter I had a turkey burger and I think it was actually the last time that I ate meat other than the eggs that I used to make the homemade bread that's sitting on my counter. (I consider eggs to be meat.) don't mind bacon, if it's burnt to a crisp and on a BLT and I don't and wont eat any red meat. I like some kinds of fish and I love mot kinds of sushi and rolls. I like cheese and other than ice cream, its my main source of calcium. I don't and wont drink any milk-- not in my cereal and not in my coffee, never--yuck. I don't mind yogurt but I only like one kind (Dannon Light and Fit). Sometimes, I may like cottage cheese but I really have to be in the mood for it. I don't like pudding but I {heart} ice cream, especially from Whitey's (wink, wink) and I don't care for chocolate but I don't dislike it either! 

As far as fruits and vegetables, well, I love fruits and almost every vegetable that there is. I was a vegetarian starting when I was around twelve or thirteen years old (by my own choice) and since then I have gone back and forth between a full vegetarian and eating some meats on rare occasions. In general I don't think that I could be or even want to be a vegan. There are too many things that have hidden animal byproducts in them and being a Vegan (IMHO) takes too much time, effort and money but I am going back to being a vegetarian and i'm starting with the Ultimate Reset. 

Week one of the Ultimate Reset helps those who do eat meat wean off of it. The meat that they allow is meat that I don't like, other than eggs, so i'm practically a vegetarian again from day one, which is fine. By week two ill be off of eggs and for the next two weeks my diet will be that of a pure vegan. I can have no pop, no sugar, no candy/gum, nothing with preservatives or additives in it. Only Fresh. Raw. Vegetables, fruits and grains. It should be an interesting journey and to be truthful I am both nervous and excited. I am hoping that I come out on the other end feeling rejuvenated and strengthened both inside and out! I hope that I can say so long to pop, candy and coffee and hello to a vegetarian life style, again. 

My fridge is stocked with week ones menu approved foods. I have some light prep work to do tonight but other than that, I am ready to begin. So please, wish me strength and will power. I have a feeling that I am going to need it at least for fighting through the cravings of sweets and caffeine!

*** If you are interested in learning more about the Ultimate Reset or any of Beachbody's products then Annie is your gal. Annie is a team Beachbody Coach and she will give answers to all of your questions and she will motivate your socks off! ***


April Vernon said...

Please keep us posted on your thoughts and progress with this. I admire you for actually DOING what I want to do but don't.

Leah said...

Good for you. I "cleanse" a couple times a year, usually. For me, that really just involves tons of fruits and veggies and fish for 3 weeks. I get off of all the bad stuff (sugar, coffee, breads, wine). I always feel great. I'm not doing one now, but maybe in another month or two. I just started exercising again this week. I'll let you know how it goes, but so far, suffice it to say that I can barely walk! Ha! Maybe in a few weeks I'll be up for Insanity!