Sunday, April 15, 2012


I ordered Kelle Hamptons book Bloom two months in advance through Amazon. I had the idea that I would get it quicker by pre-ordering it and I also had an incentive to get a autograph from Kelle herself.

Well, I didn't get the book any sooner than any other person, in fact, I received it eight days after its release but I did get Kelle's autograph and that made the books late arrival all worth it!

{Cell phone photo}

Vada and I excitedly shuffled through each page of Bloom admiring all of Kelle's great photos (just like we do with her blog).
Too cute to care about the blur!

I can't wait to really get started with this book!

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April Vernon said...

I finished it last night with Levi in my arms as we snuggled in the ER.