Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meeting April

I had such a beautifully busy day, yesterday. I walked out of my house with Vada and the diaper bag in hand at nine in the morning and didnt return until a little after seven in the evening.

 Our first stop was GiGi's Playhouse for our play group and then one of the mothers and her three year old daughter went to lunch with Vada and I. 

After lunch I stopped back at the house to quickly grab my camera because I had a very special "date" that would require at least one photo. 

April Vernon, from Living By Faith was in my area and we had decided to meet up. It's so nice connecting with other blogging mothers who not only have a love for Jesus Christ but a child sharing a bonus chromosome in common with Vada. Its nice to swap stories and to feel connected outside and away from the computer. April has two ADORABLE little boys. Her youngest, Levi happens to have Down syndrome. He is about three months younger than Vada and is simply perfect in every way! Don't believe me? Then you should go check out her blog

April, it was such a blessing to meet you and to have been able to spend some time getting to know you more! Thank you for taking the time out of a very long drive home to meet with me and with Miss Vada. I am sure that if V could conjure up the words she would also thank you for reading to her even after she drooled all over your water bottle! :)

After April and I said our good byes Vada and I headed over to my good friends house for pizza and relaxation. It was the perfect end to a very, looong day! 


my family said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog, so glad to have found your's. Most of all thank you for sharing about Carina


April Vernon said...

Thanks so much! It was truly a pleasure to meet you! Maybe next time we can introduce Levi & Vada to one another ;)