Saturday, March 24, 2012


What did you do this WDSD (World Down Syndrome Day)? My Mother in-law as well as my girls and I headed over to Famous Dave's to celebrate. GiGi's Playhouse of the Quad Cities was having a fundraiser of sorts, up to 20% of each ticket was being donated from Famous Dave's to our GiGi's. How cool are they?

Not being the biggest fan of fleshy foods I was a little apprehensive but it was for a good cause and it turns out that Famous Dave's has some kick butt food! Seriously delicious! 

Jasmine order a full rack of ribs with full intentions of finishing them all off on her own...NOT! But she did order a full rack and brought home the left overs for Justin to have. She was a little embarrassed about the amount of food that was placed in front of her and tried to enplane her order to our servers but they knew what was up and gave her a hard time about it. It was all in good fun and made the night even more enjoyable. I love meal times that are full of laughter!

There was this lady at famous Dave's that night, "Zany Janie", who was making the most amazing balloon animals that I have e.v.e.r. seen. Jasmine and Kiliegh both received one. 

It was a fun night and it seems that we had a nice turn out as well which is great. Our youth leader from our church surprised us and shared the beginning of our meal with us which still makes my heart all warm and gooey. (I just love our church family, each and everyone of them!) We had our pictures taken and I got these very cute photos and last but not least we celebrated Vada and every other individual who share having that extra magical chromosome in common.

A couple of days before WDSD Justin's parents brought over some of our things that we had left behind from Vada's birthday party. One of those things was a bag full of balloons. The girls had been driving me crazy with them because they kept leaving them around and I was scared that Vada would end up with one stuck in her throat (it happened to my baby cousin when I was younger--scary stuff!). Anyway, I had had it up to here (picture me reaching for the sky) with the balloons and said enough was enough. Before we went out to eat i combed the house for the remaining death traps and thought that I had done a very fine job at getting them all but when we came home, after the girls were in bed and fast asleep, I found this...

Made by Jasmine.

Who never said a word about my balloons being a hazard rant.

And I couldn't help but marvel at the beauty in her words. She makes me proud but im still sticking with no more balloons!

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