Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Sign's

I have already posted these on the page above that is titled "Vada's Signing Video's" but I thought that I would share them again here, just to make sure that they don't go unnoticed. I am so proud of my sweet signing girls! I am especially proud that my baby/toddler is communicating with me through signing.  So naturally, I do want to share...

*** On a quick side note, Does anyone know if when you update your pages if it shows up on the dashboards of your followers blogs? Im curious because I have never noticed anything other than direct blog posts and I know most of the writers that I follow have extra pages linked to their blog.

Vada signing "fish" on 3/24/12


Vada signing "Daddy" or "Papa", she calls Justin, her father both names. This video was done on 3/21/12


Vada and Kiliegh doing the sign for "Poop" on 3/24/12

Vada and Kiliegh signing "please" together. This one is a work in progress. Vada actually does the sign on Kiliegh and not on herself. However, Vada will sign "please" especially when she wants something and doesn't fully know or remember how to communicate what it is that she wants. This video was done on 3/24/12


Vada signs "potty". This too is a work in progress. She is trying though. Her thumb should be in between her pointer and middle finger and her hand in a fist. Once you have your hand in that position you shake it back and forth. This video was done on 3/24/12.

Vada signing "hungry". I tried to get her to do the sign for "eat" but she wasnt having it. We worked on many signs this morning and I think that she was tired of it. So this one is of her doing "hungry". The video was done on 3/24/12


If you haven't clicked on the page of "Vada's signing videos", you should go check it out. There is less than a dozen clips so far but as you can see with these videos she is quickly learning and she already has several other signs that she can do while fully comprehending the word in itself, getting her to do the signs on demand however can be the tricky part. :)

Also, just to clarify the video page... I am not doing it with hopes that someone will look to me for video advice in learning sign language. Please don't. I watch Signing Time with Rachel Coleman almost religiously with my children, we have all of her video's and her songs are stuck on auto repeat in my brain-- so if your looking for advise, start there. The only reason that I personally share Vada's videos of her doing new signs is that I am one proud mamma and I think that sign language is an amazing opportunity to communicate with your child before he or she can vocally express themselves. 

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