Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Make Teeth Brushing Fun

Vada Does NOT like having to have her teeth brushed.  It's been an issue for as long as I can remember. Typically, I use two brushes at once. I use one side to make it so she cant bite down and close her mouth while I am using the other to actually brush her teeth. Most times I have to hold her arms down with my legs, I  then press my feet together above her head and make her legs kind of sit around my hips. It's all so she cant get away.

Teeth brushing is a serious ordeal with Vada but it is also SO important to get done on a daily basis. Vada has "bad" teeth even to the point that her dentist has said that we may end up having to put her to sleep to cap the back ones, even though she does not actually have cavities (this would be if her teeth start breaking because of how soft they are).. All of her back teeth never fully formed and so they look as if they are soft and slightly discolored. I personally think it was from the steroids (the ACTH, from when she was having seizures) and all of the liquid medications that she has been on since she was five months old. Back then I never thought to wash her mouth out or rub down her gums after I gave her the medications so I am sure that i am also to blame for the condition that her teeth are now in. 

I don't care for holding Vada down, prying her mouth open and making her miserable three times a day while I brush her teeth, so I am always trying new things to make it seem "fun". I show her when I brush my teeth and clap about it, sometimes I even have her "help" me with it.  I sing and make silly sounds while brushing hers but it all carries a short life for entertaining her. Tonight after I fought to bush her teeth finished brushing her teeth, I got up and she went to grab her baby. At that moment I thought that maybe we should brush her baby's "teeth".

I eagerly asked V if she wanted to brush her babies teeth and it was like she knew what I was talking about. I did a quick demonstration before V took the task over. I thought that things were going well and I continued to encourage V that she was doing a good job.

Then I figured that it was about time to throw in a lesson on how she was brushing her baby's teeth like I brushed hers and I began asking if she could brush her own teeth like she was doing for her baby.

She ignored me.

So I thought that maybe I could just slip the tooth brush past her and brush her teeth while she was busy brushing her baby's.

Again, I missed judged things.

On the bright side of this story, "Baby" had some shinny lips (she doesn't actually have teeth, just gums)!

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Leah said...

Good idea. I've been thinking of this for awhile although Cora has no teeth yet. I remember some months back Pudge and Biggs had some good ideas too.