Friday, March 2, 2012

Two in the Morning and in the Afternoon

Today was Vada's 2nd birthday, her "golden birthday". 

It was also Justin's day off  from work so while our older daughters were in school we took Vada out to have a small celebration together.

We took Vada first, to the Children's museum. 

We all had a really good time. I have brought Vada here a hand full of times but I think that today she enjoyed it the most. She is really in the exploring age and she loved roaming the toddler section of the museum. 

I think that it was possible for her to stay all day and not get bored.

I think that it is fun being able to take your kids places where nothing is off limits! 

The musuem was full of oppertunities to work on all kinds of skills. Vada liked going up and down the stairs. She went up the correct way and then she went down...

on her bottom. 

Like I said, Justin had the day off but today HE spent most of the time behind my camera, which was kind of nice for me because I rarely have photo's of me with the kids unless I somehow take them myself of have Jasmine around. :)

Vada has such a great time with her "Papa", he gives her the best airplane rides and only he can make the correct sounds. Its sweet watching them together. 

After the museum we stopped at our restaurant of choice...

Yep, it was another Ruby Tuesday's kind of moment! It's kind of been our go to place since I was pregnant with Vada. Over the last two years we have gone to RT's for every memorable moment in Vada's life. 

Justin and I decided last year on Vada's birthday that we would come back every year on Vada's birthday to celebrate and if at some point she decides that this is not where she wants to go for her birthday meal, than that will be fine too. For now, its our spot. 

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