Thursday, March 15, 2012

Look Who's Up (on the window of GiGi's Playhouse)

A couple of days ago I received a text message saying that "weather permitting, Vada's picture is suppose to be put up on Wednesday". I was ecstatic! Giddy! I told Justin, my husband, that it was like I was five and it was y birthday. Yes, I was that excited!

I had waited what seemed to me to be forever to see her picture on one of GiGi's Playhouse front windows (when in reality it was only five months). I only told a couple of people about Wednesdays possibilities and then I kept my mouth shut, I was too worried to tell people and then have it not happen BUT. IT. DID!!!!

I had drove past GiGi's once on Wednesday morning and then again in the early afternoon but her picture hadn't been applied to a window yet, so I told myself to wait patiently (yeah, right!) and that it was going to happen. Around two-thirty I received another text message saying that her picture was going up, to come down and to bring my camera! Again, I was so excited. My foot was like lead on the gas pedal and I had to be careful not to speed. My stomach felt like I had butterflies eating away at the inner lining of my stomach-- not just fluttering around! It. was. crazy. I had already seen the picture, heck I even bought a copy of it myself before I even knew that it was the one chosen to go onto the window but there is something about seeing her picture up there for everyone else to see that made me so overly excited and proud I just could wait to get to GiGi's. Luckily, we live close by and the drive was only minutes. I love that her face is one of the faces looking out for all to see. She is beautiful and I want the whole world to see that people who have Down syndrome are amazing and Vada gets to be one of the people that shows this to be the truth. At least for the next year.

I cant tell you what made me more proud, seeing Vada on the window of GiGi's or watching Jasmine with Vada and seeing the pride that she had in her baby sister. How or why God ever blessed me with these children will forever be a mystery but I hope that I make Him proud by doing right by them! 

Thank you again to everyone who donated money to "Vada's Window fund!" Every dollar helped and was ultimately donated to GiGi's of the Quad Cities. It was because of your finical support that we get to proudly say that's our daughter on the window!

You can see Vada's photo if you are driving along John Deere Road in Moline, Illinois. GiGi's is across from the shopping center that Starbucks, Lowes and Wal-Mart is in and shares the same shopping center drive as The Family Christian book Store, Exotic Thai and the Car Wash.


I Just Love You said...

very cool!

EN said...

Could she be any cuter?! I love how delicate and girly she is - so sweet! Go Vada! Work it girl!