Friday, March 2, 2012

Two in the Evening and Underneath the Moon

We are having a big family/friends birthday party for Vada this coming weekend but we wanted to celebrate Vada's birthday on the actual day as well, so we invited Justin's parents over for dinner and cupcakes and Vada was able to open a couple of birthday gifts. 

This gift was from her Aunt Lindsey, Uncle Chris and her two cousins, Asher and Fitch.
Thanks guys! She loves this fun stacking toy!

After dinner and gifts I moved her high chair onto solid flooring and we all sang Happy Birthday to her and then handed her, her very own cupcake.

We tried to get her to blow out her candle but she was more interested in eating it than she was with the silly old candles --go figure!

It took Vada a couple of minutes to figure the cupcake out.

I think at first she didnt like the way the frosting felt on her hands. There was a few times when she tried to shake it off. 

Once she got her first taste of sweetness, there was no turning back!

She somehow made sure to get most of the cupcake and frosting into her mouth or at least around it.

Yes, some cake did make it up her nose and even on her body but like a true girl, she was very careful to not mess up her hair!

There were just too many pictures that I loved of her sweet face --no pun intended, so I couldn't choose just a couple to share...

Vada's "theme" for her birthday party is rainbows but today on her actual birthday we used gold, for her golden birthday. 

These past two years have been full of blessings. Full of love and full of growth --for all of us! I look forward to every year in our future and our journey with our children. I never thought that this would be the life I would have but I would never ask for anything else because to me, this is the greatest and it is better than I could have imagined!


I Just Love You said...

happy birthday! you tore in to that cupcake like a pro!

EN said...

Happy Birthday Vada! You are a beautiful birthday girl!

Michelle said...

Did any of the cupcake actually make it to her mouth?! :) She is a cutie! What a fun stacking toy, too! Thanks for your comment on my blog!