Friday, March 23, 2012

Play With Your Food: Spaghetti

Have you ever found yourself telling your children to play with their food? I find myself doing it more and more now that I am a mother of three, not that three has any significance in the food playing activities that my family finds interesting, myself included. I think that as I get older and as I watch my children grow I am constantly looking for fun, out of the "norm" activities to do with them. Plus, I am always looking for activities to stimulate their minds and senses!

Today (actually this was on Monday March 19th but my service has been out all week and I am playing catch up), with my super special spaghetti stirring helper (Miss. Kiliegh Rae <3), we cooked up a extra large batch of colored fun! 

Notice that scrape on her head? Yeh, that was our reasoning behind the trip to the emergency room the night before! Poor Rae hit her head on her bedroom ceiling fan, that happened to be on full blast!!! Lots of blood. Lots of tears! And only three stitches. It's healing beautifully, thankfully! 

I cooked up four large pots of spaghetti and dyed the water with some neon food color that I had left over from a cake (or something) that I had previously made for one of the girls. 

We had neon purple, neon green, neon orange and neon pink spaghetti noodles. Curious yet?

I claim Vada as mine but when she doesn't "need" me or her dad, she's all about her sisters (both of them!), hands down, no questions asked and you know what..., I love it!

So what did we do with all of that colored spaghetti? We played with it, duh!

Vada's daintiness came out when Jasmine first placed her in the tub . She didn't care to touch it but with in seconds, she. loved. it!

I look at Vada often and search for who I think that she looks like more, not that it really matters but I look none the less. It's hard to tell. Justin and I both have dark hair. He has dark brown eyes and while mine look dark they range from a greenish-gray to a hazel. With that being wrote, I think she looks so much like her Daddy here. Man, I love this girl!

I love that my older girls are so willing to do these odd things that I think up, not that it was actually something I creatively thought up of on my own. I love that they are so outwardly in love with their sister and teaching her. I couldn't ask for three better children (even in their worst moments) but im sure all mom's feel this way!

Truthfully, I think that anyone would be semi-interested in playing in spaghetti or at the very least interested in why anyone would do it in the first pace. Even our neighbors came over to get the scoop. So, why would anyone in their right mind put their baby and nine year old into a large tub full of spaghetti? One word. Sensory

Okay, so maybe I have two words. Sensory and Snack!


Leah said...

Oh that last picture is adorable! Well they all are. I think that she looks like both of you too. And what a fun idea. That is a LOT of spaghetti!

My Little Wonders said...

I love that last picture too! Vada is adorable and you can see how much her sisters love her in your pictures. :) What a fun idea with the tub of noodles.