Friday, March 23, 2012

Wagon Walks

I have held onto this wagon since Jasmine was an itty bitty. I have traveled and explored with each of my daughters on what we call our "Wagon Walks". Jasmine out grew it and then Kiliegh did too. For whatever reason I held onto it still. I must have known that I would have one more child and today with my older girls and my husband we began the third series of Wagon walks, together.

Justin wasn't over confident in the idea. He didn't believe his baby girl was ready for such a big step and truthfully, I was a little nervous about it as well but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try and since Vada was all for trying, try we did! And boy were we wrong to doubt this girl.

After walking awhile I decided to put on Vada's sunglasses (also a first) and her sun hat because a girl has got to look her best--duh because it was sunny out and I wanted to protect her teeny tiny head from burning.

She knew that she looked cute. I got to say I think that her whole demeanor changed, I think that she was feeling like hot stuff. 

Vada brought her baby on the wagon walk, she didn't want to leave her behind on such a big family event

Even though she pokes her baby in the eyes, carries her around by her hair or extremities Vada really loves playing with her cabbage patch. I think it's a pretty sweet thing.

Sometimes, however, they (meaning Vada) tend to have a love/hate "relationship". Today, during the walk, we got to see just how special  Vada's Baby is to her... When she through her straight out of the wagon. Hmmm.... she must have been mouthing off or taking up too much room?

Luckily, Baby suffered only minor injuries and Vada was completely regretful for her hostile behavior and loved on her baby for the rest of the ride.. 

And they lived happily ever after...

The End

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April Vernon said...

Too cute!!!! Love the photos!