Friday, March 23, 2012

Sweet Meat Water Baby

After Vada, Jasmine and Kiliegh finished playing in the neon colored pasta we got out Vada's birthday gift from Grandpa Jim and Grandma Annette (who Vada was named after). This was our first time playing with the Vadas new water table and today was the perfect time to break it in.

Vada has always loved being in and playing with water. When she was sick and swollen from the steroids I would give her long baths and you could see in her face that she would feel so comforted. Now she just finds it fantastically fun!

Apparently, that sweet meat (what Grandma Suzan calls the rollie pollie places on babies) of Vada's was saving some noodles for later!

Kiliegh was also very excited to get this table out and set up. Like, really, really excited! Looking back at the day I think that Kiliegh just wants the warm weather to stay and maybe even rise a little so she can go splash in the pool! Not ours silly, you need an actual yard for that! I mean our local pool!

Vada and Kiliegh had fun together while breaking in the water table and I enjoyed watching their interactions. I am wondering if this summer may include me sitting back with an "umbrella drink", collecting the warm rays of the sun, all while catching up on some leisure reading and while watching my children play (because I have mad multitasking skills,)happily together... Nah!!! Even if this could be a reality, that's not really me... but an umbrella drink does sound tempting..., so does sleep! Got to go!

Thank you Grandpa Jim and Grandma Annette for being fantastic Grandparents and parents and thank you for this really fun water table! Vaders loves it so!

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