Monday, July 11, 2011

Treadmill Training and Physical Therapy

Today Vada had her first physical therapy session since her heart has been repaired. It was also her first time going to the therapy center. She was a little apprehensive in the beginning but she seemed to warm right back up to Kim after only a few moments, which was nice to see.

Today was more of a catching up kind of day. Vada and Kim went through all sort of things and Vada showed her all of her new skills. They worked on standing and then coming back to a sitting position. Crawling and and then again going back to a sitting position. They worked on taking balls out of a jar and then putting them back in. The concept of "in" and then "out" are not as easily learned as you may imagine! She has the removing mastered however!

Finally, after making up for lost time, Kim put V on the treadmill. Vada is not walking yet but she did do a great job for her first time with this exercise. There are different ways to do the workout, originally I thought that Vada would be placed into a harness kind of like what you see with a Johny Jumper or an excersaucer. I was wrong however, Kim sat on a bench that she had place over the treadmill and then held Vada. I think being held was more comforting for V than if she was placed in the harness, especially for her first time experience. I'm not for sure when or even if Kim plans to use the harnessed seat in the future, I didn't ask but I will during Vada next session-just to see.

Kim is an amazing therapist and I feel blessed to have her working with Vada. I value her opinion, I trust in her abilities as well as her choices in therapy to try each time with Vada.That in itself is a blessing! Another small blessing happened today. I brought up that I had planned on purchasing a cubed chair for Vada. Having it would provide her with things that could ultimately help with standing, balancing, sitting, pulling and pivoting (Im certain much much more that I am not mentioning as well). A couple of days ago I posted on my Facebook page that I was looking for one that was used and priced lower than it's original-new price and I hadn't received one reply. Once I mentioned it to Kim she offered me one from thier office! She told me that they also had a bench if I wanted that instead. So we left that option up to Vada and she seemed to be more comfortable with the bench. Some may think this was luck. Others a coincidence. I say this was God providing once again for our family!

Today's therapy session was a good one-they really always are. I was just so stinkin' proud of Vada and how far she has come over these last several weeks. She has never really slowed down (developmentally) and she never let something like a little (insert sarcastic tone here) heart surgery slow her down. Vada has taught me a lot about "sucking it up" when I think I have it tough! She is one amazing little girl and I am so glad to be able to say that she is my daughter!


Terrie :) said...

How amazing, is this little angel! She is always astounding and setting an example for all of us. She is so happy and she just keeps hitting milestones. I think the world needed her just as much as you did! If more people could have her sense of determination and joy then our world would be a better place for all. Great job, Tara!

valfrid said...

Little angel!
Nice photo.

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