Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Banana Eating

When feeding Vada banana's I usually slice them and then use the already grown in sections as my basis for her bites. Today however, I thought that I would try something different.

We do have those mesh food holders. You know the thing i'm talking about...it has a baby sized handle...you push a little food into the mesh area and then the child "juices" (as Justin likes to call it) the food. I can't remember what their called but I do know that they are a nightmare to get clean and Vada doesn't quite like them anyway. With this in mind I decided to cut the banana in half and then cut half of the peel from that half of the banana-leaving a "handle" or just a place that Vada wouldn't automatically squish with her hands.

I placed the banana into her hand and immediately she flipped it and then tried to eat the peel. Twice I attempted to show her the way I had intended for her to eat the banana and twice she placed it the way that she wanted.

The funniest thing was when I finally took the banana back out of her hands and handed it to her upside down (the way that she had continued to put it). This time, she didnt flip it over, she kept it that way and began sucking on the peel again. She knew what she wanted the whole time-I was actually interfering!

Eventually, on her own, she did flip it the way in which she could actually enjoy the fruit of the banana but the process in getting to this point was hilarious and the "handle" that I had left behind, well, it was pointless.

This kid... she cracks me up!

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