Sunday, July 24, 2011

Things Are Getting Better

Well, I am going on day six of post tonsillectomy. Truthfully, it's HELL but then I already knew that it would be-I had heard the horror stories prior to having the procedure done...

Monday was the day of surgery and I came out of it feeling really drugged but over all I felt as if I were in pretty great shape. In fact I was feeling so well that evening that I even ate some crackers. I of course turned them into mouth mush before swallowing them but I was surprised at how little of pain I was experiencing. Day two, Tuesday was also quite easy. The pain was slowly creeping in but again I managed to eat some pickle dip and even some pizza (Yes! Pizza!) for dinner. I now, I know... what was I thinking...I wasn't, my stomach was. By Wednesday, I was in terrible shape. Terrible! I was puking every couple of hours and the pain was unbearable, or so it felt that way. I ended up having to stop taking the pain syrup that was prescribed because it was disgusting and part of the reason that I couldn't quit getting sick. Justin called the doctors office and they prescribed an anti-nausea medication, which really helped. On Thursday (day four) the pain was even worse and the regular over the counter Tylenol was not helping so once again, Justin called the doctors. They prescribed some little yellow pill that really takes the edge off. However, the pain that I am feeling while on it is still pretty severe so I am afraid to not take them. Friday I spent most of my day and then the night in bed. I wasn't throwing up but any small task really wore me out. I tried to come upstairs and out of my bedroom just to be with everyone  but some moments felt so bad. Sometimes, even the light that came from our little bedroom t.v. was too much. Saturday I felt a lot better as far as my energy went but the pain had not let loose at all. It seems that the pain settles in different areas from one day to the next, which can be quite deceiving!

Today, Sunday, I got up and decided to see if I could make it using only over the counter Tylenol to hopefully relieve the pain. The night prior had gone pretty smoothly so I figured that I should try. After taking two extra strengths I got out of bed and fixed the kiddo's breakfast, gave Vada all of her morning medications, did my hair and then we all went to church. I didn't sing and I didn't speak to anyone but I was there and grateful that I had come. After church we went to Target, bought Jasmine a new desk for her room and then bought some groceries. Once I got home the pain was pretty bad. During church I had taken one of the prescribed pain pills and by the time I had put the groceries away I wanted to take the whole damn bottle but obviously didn't. After taking two pain pills and waiting about another forty-five minutes for them to kick in we all went for a walk. We picked me up another large Slurpee and then stopped at our friends house who happens to live down the street from us. By this time I was feeling pretty good again and I was able to speak in a soft whisper but shouldn't have done even that. Dinner time came. Justin went back to work and I was in tears. I have two older children constantly talking to me, constantly asking me questions and not listening to the answers that I give so I have to repeat myself and who don't seem to understanding that I shouldn't and don't want to talk. In their defense I guess its understandable since I do talk when the medicine has kicked in. I haven't ate in three days, if you don't count the root-beer shake from Whitey's or the now three Slurpee's from the gas station as food. Needless to say, I am starving, which makes me kind of cranky!

With all of that out of the way, I think I am getting somewhat better because I do have more energy and hey, I am up right now playing the roll of mom again and I am doing it all by my self. :)

If all goes well then I plan on being back later tonight to share some of the really huge changes that have occurred over this last week with Vada but I may just go to bed, that would probably be the wise thing to do!


Janie Fox said...

you poor thing. go to bed... the news will wait. praying for you.

April Vernon said...

I just came across your blog for the first time tonight & quickly decided to become your newest follower :) I think we have a lot in common! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Shannon said...

Hope you are back to 100% soon. I just read your comment (wish blogger had a way to comment on comments :) But,yes, she has to weat the shoes for 23 hours a day, so naps and night time she wears them. We have two more months of 23 hours and then we can go down to 10 hours for 2 more years. I dont want to rush her baby years away with wanting everything to be done... but I want everything to be done