Sunday, July 31, 2011

Teething Bling

This last week I had been anxiously awaiting an arrival in the mail. I had ordered teething necklaces for Vada and was excited to get them. Originally I had first seen a teething necklace on Enjoying the Small things, a blog wrote by Kelle Hampton. I think that she writes about and also captures (through photography) the most amazing things.

On a side note, when I was pregnant, someone sent me a link to a story that Kelle had wrote, it was about the birth of her youngest daughter-Nella Cordelia: A Birth Story. Unlike Justin and I, Kelle and her husband did not know that Nella would be born with Down syndrome. In Nella's story, Kelle writes about the shock that she went through and at one point she actually questions whether or not she told her daughter that she loved her right away or if she got lost in the discomfort of her new reality. Its one of the most powerful stories that I have ever had the pleasure to read, It made me tremble with emotions. At this point I had yet to meet my own baby girl and the fear of what Down syndrome could mean for our family still had its grasp on me-sometimes the unknown can be the scariest. After reading the birth story I made a promise to my unborn daughter, I promised that I would not forget to tell her, right away, that I loved her. I vowed that it would be one of the first words she would hear from me. However, the first thing that I actually ended up saying was an apology for taking so long to get to her (after the emergency Cesarean), then I kissed her and told her that I loved her and finally I wished her a happy birthday. Nella's birth story was one of the things that inspired me to find my way out of the dark mist that I allowed to surround me during my pregnancy. By the time Vada was born I was already so much in love with her and comfortable with her diagnosis of  that I didn't actually see the Down syndrome when I looked at her. All I saw was my beautiful baby girl.

Anyway, I am fond of Kelle's blog and while I'm not an active reader of it, I do enjoy what I have read. So, now to get back onto topic-The teething necklaces. The whole reason I brought up Kelle's blog was that I had first seen the teething necklace there. At that time I thought that it was just a necklace however, I didn't realize that it served a purpose and up until a couple of weeks ago I didn't think much of it other than it was a really cute accessory. That was until Shannon from Lifes Little Surprises replied to a comment that I left for her on one of her blog posts. Her daughter Fiona happen to be wearing the same necklace that I had once noticed Nella to be wearing. I had left Shannon a message saying that it was cute and later she took the time to tell me about it.

Long story short. I ordered Vada her very own Baltic Honey Amber teething necklace. While I am sure that you can get it at a number of places I ordered mine from The Art of Cure-through Amazon. There are different color options making these necklaces available for baby boys as well as girls.

While searching for the right color of a teething necklace for Vada I ran across another great idea that falls into the same category. Teething Bling from Smart Mom Jewery-also ordered through Amazon.

I choose the Mother of Pearl 2x2 round pendant (they come in dozens of fantastic colors). I also have my eye on the triangle Onyx pendant that is coming out this fall.

This necklace differs from the one that I purchased for Vada to wear. This necklace is for me (or whoever may be holding Vada) to wear. It was made for the exact reason that I no longer wear jewelry-because Vada grabs on to whatever it is that I am wearing and then tries to put it right into her mouth! Since this necklace was made just for that purpose, its perfect! One thing that I didn't anticipate when purchasing this necklace was that it would become a traveling necklace. Yesterday I wore it to a family function and every time Vada was passed to someone new the necklace went along. Kiliegh wore it, Vada's grandmother then Great Grandmother wore it and the most surprising person to wear it was Justin who wore it once and then asked for it back a second time. Vada seems to really enjoy both necklaces. The Teething Bling necklace seems to attract her attention where as the one she wears seems to attract others.

I'd love to hear what you think about the necklaces as well as other methods that you may use for soothing your babies teething discomforts.


April Vernon said...

Let us know what you think about the amber necklace. I have an aqua teething bling necklace that a friend gave me but Levi just doesn't put stuff in his mouth even when he needs to! I like the homeopathic teething tablets. I got some at Walgreens and have ordered them online. They dissolve in the mouth and seem to help quite a bit. We also like the vibrating teethers (got ours at Walmart).

Twilson9608 said...

We also use the Homeopathic teething tablets but Vada isn't too interested in the vibrating teethes. :)

Sarai said...

I'm thinking about getting Lilly one. Please let me know how Vada likes hers. I also like the adult necklace. I gonna check those out!!

P.S. I hope you are feeling better!!

Ilisa Ailts said...

thanks for this! teary eyed too