Thursday, July 28, 2011

Still In Pain

Yesterday the girls and I went to VBS. They had been going all week. This was my first time feeling well enough to go. I had previously asked our youth leader if there was something small that I could do. That way if I felt up to it, I could help. He graciously assigned me to the kitchen, which by the way I loved! On a side note, before Vada was born and early into the pregnancy I helped in the kitchen on Thursday mornings, which is when our church serves breakfast to those who less fortunate. Yesterday those same people were serving breakfast so it felt like old times for me. I adore that group! On the VBS side of things we made snacks for all of the children, which was served a little after the breakfast was finished. We served fig newtons, pita/flat bread with humus and also with honey and then some different kinds of dried fruit. The snack was suppose to symbolize what Jesus and his people would have had for their food. The funny thing about this snack was that most of the children ate it all and most of those children would turn their noses up to it if it were a snack given at home. Now, these snack have a story attached to them so they were already talking about eating it at home.

After VBS the girls and I met Justin's mom to do our school supply shopping. It's a yearly ritual that we have been doing together for the last three or four years. This year she had Jasmine and I had Kiliegh. Next year we will flip-flop and have the opposite girl. Usually, we have lunch or dinner together either before or after the shopping but since I couldn't eat anything and by this time I was truly exhausted we skipped it. Secretly, school supply shopping is still just as exciting of an event for me as it was when I was a kid. Although I have to keep my opinions on whats "cool" to my self, that way I don't make my girls feel like they have to get what I like, sometimes they do that.

Once we were done getting their supplies we cam home. I took a pain pill and laid down for a good five minutes before I had to get up and cook dinner. Things just keep on going, even if im not feeling up to it!

That night before bed, I skipped my pain pill. It had been hours since I took the last one and I figured that I no longer needed to take anything. Boy was I wrong. I slept almost all night long but woke early in the morning in extreme pain! Oh my gosh, did it hurt. I woke up sweaty and with tears already in my eyes. It sucked! Luckily, Justin had worked nights and was off that morning. As soon as he came home he relieved me from my motherly duties and sent me to bed. Thank you Justin! I thought that I would just lay there for a half hour or so, waiting for the medication to take effect, but shortly after laying down I fell asleep and slept for a few hours. I. Can. Not. Believe. That. It. Has. Taken. This. Long. To. Recover. When I went to bed I thought for sure that I could handle a the tiny amount of discomfort that would be left behind to bare, but even now, eleven days post tonsillectomy and I am still really hurting. Maybe it has to do with the fact that when I would rather have any other pain other than mouth pain-meaning I am very sensitive in the mouth area. Or maybe I am just a whimp, it's possible. Or maybe the doctor was right when he told me it would be at least a good fourteen days until I really felt better. Either way, I cant wait until Monday! (That's day fourteen.)

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