Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bringing Jazzy Back

Last Friday's trip seemed like the longest drive ever, even compared to the day that I dropped Jasmine off at camp and then drove an additional five hours to get to the lake. I guess it had a lot to do with the fact that we have just done so much driving in such a short about of time. We drove to camp in Northern Wisconsin on Sunday and then to the lake. We drove home from the lake on Monday, to Peoria on Tuesday, back to Wisconsin on Friday and finally we drove home on Sunday. Too many hours in the car and for Vada, too many hours in the rear facing car seat-alone. She seriously does not like being put int the car seat anymore. Prior to all of this "road tripping", she didn't mind it. She does however still respond to most car rides like a bird in a covered cage-as soon as the car begins to roll she falls asleep. However, I would do all of this driving again, and I will be next summer because of the purpose behind it-taking Jasmine to an amazing Christian camp-Camp Forest Springs.

Vada and I arrived at camp on Friday evening, around 9PM. We had rented a cabin, which was cheaper than a hotel room and closer to Jasmine. Since pick up was at 9 AM this was a perfect option for us. The camp itself is pretty far from anything and by staying we were also able to eat breakfast in the morning with the whole camp, which was pretty cool too. I refrained from taking pictures during breakfast because I didn't want to overly embarrass Jasmine. I figured she saw the camera and if she wanted me to take certain pictures, she would ask me to.

After breakfast, Jasmine said her good byes to her newly made friends, counselor and then to her bed and cabin. We got on the road only to stop for a french vanilla cappuccino for me and a morning icee for her. I wanted to make as much progress on the road as I could. I really wanted to get home. I did have plans to stop for some "squeeky cheese". Truthfully, I had stopped on the way up that prior Sunday and then I grabbed a bag the night before. Needless to say, I may have to "deal" with serious stomach issues later because of it. Anyway, I wanted to go to one of the attraction type places with the girls, just because we were in Wisconsin and could. I found a good cheese store just a couple of hours from camp where Jasmine was gracious enough to try on a cheese hat and pose with her sister and an over sized fiber glass cow. She's a good girl with plenty of photo-op training under her belt.

We had lunch at the Illinois Machine Shed (I didn't even know there was one.) where Jasmine and Vada had some fun bonding time before our lunch came and this is also where Vada found and lost her first "love".
I took these with my cell which had a dead battery and no flash but I thought that they were sweet so I had to share them.
There was a little boy in a high chair behind and on Vada's right hand side. He kept making noises and Vada became very interested. He was a cute little eighteen month old blondie who happen to also have Down syndrome. All through lunch Vada was interested in him and before his family left they came over to say good-bye (we had spoke briefly throughout our meals and I found out that his name was Cayden *sp?*.) Vada never took her eyes off of him and as they left the room she followed them out with her gaze. When she could no longer see her little prince charming, she waved good-bye. It was the sweetest of sweet moments!

Anyway, after lunch we got back on the road. Once we were finally home we hung out outside. Vada and I laid on a blanket while Jasmine showed us all of her new, fun cheers that she had learned and then her and I played some "racket ball"-our version. I have missed her so much. While I am thrilled that she had an amazing time at CFS I am even more thrilled to have her home again. She felt taller, older and even wiser in my bear grip of a hug! I am glad that she had this experience and I know that next year, for her will be even better and for me it'll be a little easier!


Lacey said...

Camp is so much fun! I'm glad she got to go. Our drill team camp was at a college, so no cabins for us. We stayed in dorms, which was kind of cool, for high schoolers!

Terrie :) said...

So glad you got to have this time with two out of three of your very endearing cheeseheads! Loved that pic, by the way! How fun for Jasmine! Hope everything else went smoothly (in reference to your potential stomach issues)!