Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My husband has been a.m.a.z.i.n.g this week. Seriously. He has done so much to help out, so that I am able to relax and recover. Hopefully with in the next day or so I will be feeling  better because right now I am on day four with out eating anything, which has contributed to my eight pound weight loss. I tried to have some ice cream and even some soup on Sunday but couldn't do it  and since then all drinks have begun to sting my throat, even water. I am tired and shaky and I haven't been much use to my family but Justin  is rocking in that department! He's keeping the dishes done and the house clean and he even put the girls to work by having them do the laundry. Today Justin dropped the girls off at VBS and then registered Kiliegh for third grade all while I was sleeping in. I was seriously impressed that he even offered to register Kiliegh, it can be a stressful ordeal. When he got home from picking up the girls from VBS he made them lunch and then we left to take Vada to her first dentist appointment.

Vada is almost 17 months old now, which may seem a little early for a trip to the dentist but this girl already has ten teeth! Plus, I have been concerned about the condition of her teeth for awhile now and I thought it wouldn't hurt to see what the dentist thought. My concerns are associated with the fact that Vada has been on a lot of liquid medications since she was five months. That's a long time to be exposed to extreme sugar-like substances multiple times-every single day.

Vada loved the dentist's waiting room. She got down onto the floor and crawled to everyone who was there especially the children who were playing. Now that she is "mobile" she really wants to explore. It's such a fun stage!

The dentist said that her teeth are looking pretty good but that they hadn't fully formed their "protective" layer which is why there is a difference in coloring from the out side of the teeth verses the middle. He suggested to keep brushing her teeth like we do and to cut of any  fluids other than water after her last does of medication or after we brush her teeth for the last time in the evenings and then of course to do regular six month check up's.

Vada didn't appreciate the dentist poking around in her mouth but it lasted only seconds and then they handed her a brand new pink and purple toothbrush and she good to go.

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April Vernon said...

Hope you're feeling better & able to eat soon!