Thursday, July 25, 2013

Being Heart Healthy

Last week Vada had a scheduled cardiologist appointment. Everything checked out well. She still has her small VSD and the leaking valve but is showing no signs and is having no symptoms of struggling from her heart conditions in any way. In fact, her cardiologist, Dr. Bramlett said she is "Amazing!" and he went on to say how impressed he is with her constant growth and successes. His amazement isnt because of her having Down syndrome, he has a lot of patients with Ds, he is amazed because of the obstacles that she has overcome and yet she is thriving and strong and she is constantly reaching her goals and moving on to meet new ones!

 I like this doctor a lot. He's very nice and he is so great to Vada but there is a time shortly after Vada's heart surgery where he kind of put me in my place and set me straight with God again and he has no clue about it...

It was during a check up, maybe a month or two after her heart surgery. Dr. Bramlett mentioned that Vada still had the VSD and the leaky Valve in her heart. I was floored, angry and shocked. I didn't understand why the actual heart surgeon hadn't filled me in on this huge piece of information directly after the surgery and I why I was just finding out about it all at that moment, weeks after the actual surgery. Most of all, out of all that I was feeling, I was terrified for my little girl and out of that fear I spit out a question asking why the surgeon hadn't "fixed" her heart when he was "in there" in there first place. Dr. Bramlett turned to me, looked me in the eyes and calmly stated that the surgeon wasn't God and wasn't capable of "fixing" everything or everyone. His statement stung but he was right and I knew it. Dr. Bramlett's reply has stuck with in many situations. I think a lot of patients or parents of patients may have been angered by his matter-of-fact reply but it was just what I needed. 

Yes, God creates all things perfectly in His image. Sometimes however, we want to "fix" or help when something isn't quite as right as we would like them to be, like for us with Vada's heart condition or when she was suffering with seizures. However, ultimately, it's still all out of my control as well as the doctors. Ultimately, God is the best medical Specialist available and He is the chief of surgery. He'll make the final call and I have faith in Him and in Vada, they are both so strong, stronger than I will ever know. 

Now, that I have rambled on and your all probably wondering what the heck I am trying to say... All is well. Really. Vada's check up went well. She is doing great and while she still has heart conditions that are of concern, they are not changing or getting worse or causing her any problems, so we are as happy with this check up as we possibly could be, (short of being told her heart had miraculously healed).

P.S. Check out how much Vada has grown since September of 2011!


teal915 said...

It's a good reminder to remember who holds tomorrow in His hands. I'm g,ad she had a good checkup.

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