Sunday, July 14, 2013

Homemade Carrot Cake, Yum!

Tonight, Vada, Justin and I began making homemade carrot cake. I have never made it homemade before, so I was very excited and even more so to do it with little hands that were eager to help!

We grated our own fresh carrots.

Vada helped put the pan onto the stove -for when we needed it. She is a very good helper!

We talked about the ingrediants and used many ASL signs, below I am using the sign for "egg".

Below Vada is doing her version of "egg".

The recipe called for three eggs, so we used this opportunity to do a little counting.

We also worked on following directions. I asked Vada semi-simple tasks, like turning on the blender and making it go faster or turning it off. I would ask her to help me lower the head of the blender or to pour the ingredients into the main bowl. These are all things that Vada is capable of doing but may need a little visual instruction on how to do it first. Giving her these tasks is like a game for her, its fun and it helps build her self confidence.  

Plus, it's really fun for me!

Justin was behind the camera while Vada and I were making the cake batter and he kept munching on carrots so I gave one to Vada as well. She was quite grateful.

I absolutely L.O.V.E. the below picture of Vada and her facial expression! Watch out carrot, she's going to eat you!


The remainder of her carrot went into the cake batter and yeh, I just left it there. I figured the cake was just staying in the family, so why not. No one else is going to care! Now were calling it "the lucky carrot", cant wait to see who gets it!

At the very end Vada mixed everything up for me and she did a very great job of keeping most of the batter in the bowl.

Like I said, most of it

Tomorrow we will glaze and then frost the double layer carrot cake and then have it for desert! Yum! I can't wait!

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