Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rowing {Four} Days

We have been "rowing" The Carrot Seed, by Ruth Krauss, for four days now. This morning I thought it would be fun to get Vada started with an orange sensory bubble bath. Everything in the tub besides "Baby" and Vada was some shade of orange. We even had a carrot, which went perfectly with our  theme for the week.

After playing in the bath and then getting ready for the day Vada and I sat down with Vada's oldest sister, Jasmine and shared what we've completed so far in Vada's Carrot Seed Lapbook/Journal.

All of the Carrot Seed Lapbook printable were downloaded from Homeschool Share.

Below, Jasmine and Vada are looking at pictures of the seed that were "planted" in a mason jar back when we celebrated and learned about Earth Day for a whole week (part two). 

The seed eventually outgrew the jar and is now growing in our garden!

Next, we talked about what a plant and all living things needs to survive. We did this while coloring these labeled carrots.

Together, Vada and I cut two of the carrots out and then I finished by doing the remaining two on my own. Afterward, Vada used a glue stick for the very first time. I think that she really liked it! I did too! It was a lot less messy!!! 

I had a page empty and ready for Vada to paste her carrots into her lapbook/journal once she was done putting glue onto them. 

Then I had Vada work on multitasking. I wanted her to hold the "fruit" or "vegetable" in one hand while trying to cut it with the other. This was semi difficult for her to do, depending on the actual piece that she had. Sometimes, she would just pull it apart by hand if it were too hard to actually slice and I let her because she always tried to slice it with the "knife" first. During this activity I always named each fruit or vegetable and labeled it for her as either a fruit or a vegetable. This activity will play into tomorrows activities.

After we went through every piece of "slicing fruit" I had Vada put each piece back together and then back into the bag. Once they were all picked up we moved onto one of Vada's all time favorites, Counting Cans. 

We went through each can once, except the carrots. Per Vada's request, we had to count the carrots again. Which I thought was pretty neat!

Another activity that we did today that will also play into tomorrow's activities is this Vegetable matching and labeling game. Each vegetable card had a match and after putting all of the originals onto the board I would hand a match to Vada and ask her to find the match. I always told her the name of the vegetable and that it was in fact a vegetable that she had. I often pointed to the vegetable that she needed to match with but I just wanted her to get the concept. This was the first time that we have done this and over all I think that she did very well, especially since this clearly more was difficult for her than some of our other activities from today.

After matching all of the photo's together I got the name labels out and read them and then I would ask Vada to "show me" or "point to" that specific vegetable. If she couldn't, I would show her and then ask her again to point to it, then I would put the label in the correct spot.

I downloaded these awesome cards from Homeschool Creations

Now I know that it is summer and here its in the mid ninety's but that didn't stop us from making today lunch, nor did it stop us from enjoying it either and with Vada and Jasmine's help, the homemade, straight from the garden, carrot soup tasted delicious!

JAsmine and Vada began sauteing the onions, celery and carrots in butter that was seasoned with vegetable bouillon, Natures Seasons and a black truffle sea salt. 

After about twenty minutes of simmering, I added extra water and it was ready to eat!

It. Was. SO. GOOD!!!

We all had seconds, even Jasmine and that really says something!

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