Friday, July 19, 2013

The Fruits of the Spirit and Carrots Too

Yesterday we focused on what vegetables were, so I thought it was important to spend some time focusing on fruit. I felt a great place to start today was with the Fruits of the Spirit.

After going through the Fruits of the Spirit Vada and I colored our own bowl of fruit to go into Vada's BFIAR journal. (I printed the coloring sheet from Google images.)

After Colring the page we cut the bowl of fruit out together and then pasted it into her BFIAR journal, as well as all of the Fruits of the Spirit labels that her sister Jasmine made for this activity.

This is what her journal page looks like.

Yesterday we worked on matching the vegetable photos together and then their matching title or "label" cards. Today we did the fruit cards. I had planned on getting the vegetable cards back out and we were going to go back through them with the fruit cards and do "is it a fruit or is it a vegetable?" However, there are more fruit cards than vegetables and it took longer and more out of Vada than I expected, so I decided to just stick with this activity and not to add anything more.

Above Vada is matching the banana cards and below she is doing the ASL sign for banana.

Above Vada is matching the grape cards together and below she is doing the ASL sign for grapes.

Next we worked on a magnet page that I downloaded from Dots of Fun. I actually downloaded a whole set of vegetables but today we just did the carrot, to go along with our theme from the Carrot Seed.

We worked on color sorting.

And read a giant book all about the color orange.

Finally, Vada finished her day and week of rowing by doing a coloring page from her "Let's Color" coloring book by, Kumon.

Our companion books this week were:

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