Monday, July 15, 2013

Counting with Carrot Coins

We began our day by reading and looking through The Carrot Seed. We started "rowing" this book on Saturday, when we used the carrots from our own garden to paint with. In the last three days we have read this book at least a dozen times and we will continue to read it several more times throughout the remainder of the week. Typically, when you "row" with a book, it's for about five days (hence the name Five in a Row) but ultimately, you get to choose. 

After reading the book we looked at some cooling pictures that all began with the letter 'C' and then we colored those pictures. I also sang the Letter 'C' song that you hear on Leap Frog. Vada really enjoys those shows and the songs from them. She really seems to pay attention as well as to try to imitate the sounds that I sing, when I am singing to her.

The activity pages or "lapbook activities" were downloaded from a homeschooling site called

After coloring the pages I had Vada put them into our letter 'C' pocket that we made, which was kind of hard since the papers were pretty flimsy for her little hands but she did a good a job.

 We continued coloring using the color's brown and orange.

And then we size sorted with carrots and pasted them to a folded booklet.

We also pasted the brown paper crayon and the orange paper crayon to the outside of the coloring pages that Vada and I colored.

Next we went to the Farmer's Market. Well, we brought one here to us. Lakeshore Learning has a wonderful color sorting game called Farmer's Market. I've used ours many, many times and I can't say enough positive things about it. Vada recognized the carrot right away, which just goes to show, she is learning!

We only used the green and the orange color baskets of fruits and veggies and we went through them twice.

We finished up my using carrot coins for counting. 

Vada stayed very focused on counting and followed the instructions I gave of taking one carrot piece at a time for counting. 

I cut twenty pieces to count and we went through the pieces almost three times before Vada became bored, once she was done, she was done and it was apparent! She picked up the bowl of remaining pieces that needed to be counted and just poured them into the opposite bowl. My silly but cleaver girl.

And then, of course, she snacked on those coins but I was really proud that she waited to eat them until she was told to. Im not for sure that she would have done that in the past or if we were using Goldfish Crackers!

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