Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Flashing Back: Turning Ten

This week our church is doing Vacation Bible School "VBS". Therefore, we will be "flashing back" to some recent days in May of this year (2013), that I was unable to post about but that are totally post worthy -because our family will be taking full advantage of VBS!

My middle daughter Kiliegh turned ten years old May 20th of this year. Isn't she beautiful? Again I may be being a little biased but I am her mother... Anyway, almost everyone says she must look like her biological dad and she does but she looks my biological mom too. I used to think that she must have got that strawberry blond hair from her dad as well but now that Vada is here and with that same color of hair, ill take credit for that as well, thank you very much! My great grandmother was a red headed Irish woman with a temper to boot. Thank God Kiliegh didn't get the temper!

For Kiliegh's cake this year my husband, Justin, and I decided to do a iPhone cake. It was perfect since at ten years of age you get you first chance at having a phone in our house.

My husband left no detail of the iPhone out but I did forget to take a picture of the top of the phone.

If you look closely, you'll see that the phone says "Happy Birthday Kiliegh" and then the day and date of her actual birth date.  Due to the fact that Kiliegh was at her dad's this year for her birthday and with my mothers passing we celebrated Kiliegh's birthday a little later than expected.

I always make Justin serve the cake to the girls. He has to, he works to hard on the cakes not to!

After blowing out the candles and without Kiliegh noticing, Justin make a phone call and all of a sudden the actual cake starts vibrating as well as ringing!

That's right folks my husband is sexy, he can decorate cakes and he is clever! He made a special "compartment" for Kiliegh's iPhone in the cake!

Kiliegh had to dig in her cake for her birthday gift! Too funny!

Monday, May 20th, 2013 my sweet girl, Kiliegh turned ten! Wow, I am getting old!

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